Inbound Marketing for Small Businesses

Inbound Marketing


What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is the concept of getting lead prospects and eyeballs to come to you, instead of you having to go out to them and compete for their attention. That is done by creating content designed to appeal to your dream customer and keep them coming back for more.

I. Content That Attracts

Content offerings that require a newsletter sign-up are essential to building your database of prospects.

II. Forms

To generate leads, you need to collect people’s information at every opportunity. That includes viewers and prospective industry partners.

III. Calls to Action

Motivating people through design to take action is key to generating leads. A clear and simple call to action on a page, blog post, social media post, etc. can go a long way towards keeping someone interested in your content.

IV. Landing Pages

Landing pages are meant to drive people through your sales funnel/customer journey. These pages are usually stand alone content offerings with a call to action & form meant to create awareness and convert new prospects into sales leads.

These pages may not be relevant to link to from the main site. Instead, they are promoted through targeted social media, online advertising, email & search engine marketing.


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Inbound Marketing

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Sean McGee, Clearwater, Florida

Sean McGee,
Multimedia Professional.

Sean McGee has more than 12 years of design, video and multimedia production experience as a marketing professional. He is Inbound Marketing Certified by Hubspot Academy. He lives and works in paradise on the Florida Gulf Coast in Clearwater.
He can be reached at 727-755-1914.